The restaurant comes to you!

Want to make the most of your weekend in one of our cottages, go to a restaurant in the evening with your friends ... but you’ve got the little ones with you? No problem, the restaurant can come to you!

All you’ll have to do is enjoy the place without worrying about the stewardship; they take care of everything: setting the table, cooking, serving and tidying up the kitchen again before leaving. 

Whether it’s for a seminar or a weekend with friends, our restaurateurs will be pleased to enhance your stay with meals that come up to your expectations and suit your budget.

You can enjoy meals ranging from 1 to 5 courses, with or without drinks, served or delivered.  

Any combination is possible:

  • A 3-course meal including wine and service
  • A 4-course meal not including drinks but with service
  • A 2-course meal not including drinks or service
  • ...

Full restaurant service at home!